Awesome Star Wars Fan Films

Awesome Star Wars Fan Films

As we all know (or at least should know) there is a whole subculture out there that is carrying on the tradition of that phenomenon known as “Star Wars”. People all over the world are making fan film after fan film set in the Star Wars universe simply out of love for the movies and characters that sprang to life from the creative mind of George Lucas.

One of my favorites (or two, actually) are the ones created by Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott entitled, “Ryan v.s. Dorkman” I and II. These guys did an awesome job creating a simple and original story of two guys armed with light sabers and an attitude, and made an incredible amateur film. They followed this up with a second film that is equally amazing.

When you see what people can do with some simple home equipment and a ton of talent and ambition, it really makes you wonder why the guys in Hollywood get paid so much for making mostly crap. Check these 2 films out and tell me if you don’t feel the same way.

…and here’s the sequel…

Cool stuff, huh? No fancy costumes, no big budgets…just love and talent. Something we need a lot more of in this media based world.

If you want to see more about these guys and how they did what they did, head on over to and take a look and don’t forget to share.